“a secure building envelope boasting an unmistakably striking character”

Swisspearl is a premium provider of rear-ventilated facades. Today, there are many construction types and material characteristics you can choose from. Among these, the rear-ventilated facade system that Swisspearl provides is considered to be one of the most premium and ecological solutions you can choose.

The intelligent layer structure of the RVF provides a unique component suitable for every function of the outer wall. There is no other facade system on the market that can meet the heat, moisture, fire, and noise protection requirements as easily as Swisspearl. Our rear-ventilated facade system is compliant with all regulatory standards for environmentally friendly, ecological, and sustainable designs.


facades system structure

Swisspearl facades leverage a rear-ventilated facade system that is structurally superior to normal facades. The rear-ventilated facade system consists of four components: Supporting structure, thermal insulation, substructure with rear ventilation, and facade cladding.

Unlike thermal insulation composite systems, the thermal insulation function and weather protection function are structurally separated in the rear-ventilated facade system. Due to the air circulation in the rear ventilation space, moisture from construction and usage are safely dissipated, preventing mold formation. The insulation and wall construction remain dry at all times and ensure a pleasant and healthy indoor climate.

Energy Efficient and Ecological


  • Rear-ventilated facade system is structurally separated from insulation
  • The brickwork and insulation are protected from external humidity
  • Rear-ventilated space allows for optimal drying of interior moisture
  • The individual facade components can be separated, ensuring sustainability.
  • Uses fiber cement, a natural building material

Durable and Economical


  • Good fire protection
  • Sound-absorptionDurable and damage resistant → save on maintenance costs
  • Long-lasting comfort, protection and reliability

Maintenance-free and removable

  • Unrestricted expansion of cladding withstands extreme temperature fluctuations
  • No need for costly repair works due to plaster cracks / frost-related peeling of outer skin
  • Weather resistant
  • An Intelligently-stacked façade system enables easy removal and recycling of individual components

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